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Play a lame game for hentai furry pr0n
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Posted: 12/17/2004 7:48:44 PM     Post subject: Play a lame game for hentai furry pr0n  

Here's a nice example of optical masochism where you play a breakout clone java-browsergame to uncover a not-work safe, sick, sick, nonmorphic-drawing (it earns the second sick as you beat the second level).

The psychological effect of actually doing stuff.. almost like.. WORKING just to get your eyeballs burned is quite interesting, adding insult to injury. Playing the game kinda felt like this. If you want to damn yourself for not stopping yourself before uncovering "teh horrer!" like the stupid protagonist of a Lovecraft story, knock yourself out.
"I beat the game and all I got was this lousy brain damage!"

Here's the URL for the pictures if you can't be arsed to Arcanoid-for-zooporn "" copy and paste you lazy slob!

Actually that thing isn't BY FAR the sickest artwork on that site. It's been haunting me since the infamous "kaba.jpg" valentines greeting pic with an assplosion of the bizarrest BDSM-art themes. Snuff, vore, coprophilia, autoasphyxation, starvation-fetish (marasmusphilia?Katemossphilia?), a roadkill goes on and on... ... I MEAN WHATTHEFUCKBARBEQUEUEEXCLAMATIONMARKONEONE.. EXTREME SHARK BONDAGE??!?!?

Oh fuck, the context of my post is perverting my sig!
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