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In Honor of a Slow News Day...
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Posted: 5/19/2005 12:05:52 AM     Post subject: In Honor of a Slow News Day...  

...I present a piece entitled 'Death of a Furry Newsgroup'.

I trolled back in the day. The old chivalrous trolling where I'd throw out little controversial opinions to see what passed for 'intelligent' conversation over there. Remarkably, this got old pretty fast. No, really!

Years later I returned. It seems in the interim period the lifestyler freaks had been crowded out and replaced by furries with stupid political opinions and no clue how to express them. I still don't post there; trolling it is like shooting fish in a barrel. Tell them you voted Bush and you get a small thesis in return. (And l33tz0r K4nE F0> sends me viruses whenever I do. But I use a text-only reader, so I digress.) But it gets amusing when they start fighting the usual whackjobs. See, they've worked the harassment down to SA-like precision.
  • Furry posts a typical furry message. (OMG i dreamt I was a fox! what r u furres doing this weekend?)
  • Nutter faction calls furry a plush fucker/pedophile/derogatory flavor of the month.
  • If furry mentioned 'god' in the post then expect the same old cries of: shill, retard, dimmy, rePUBELICKan LOL!, et al.
  • Wrap up with cliche and patronizing Usenet mechanics. HTH, :). YHBT.
    And the lifestylers try to explain themselves and make friends. It's like watching the ultimate cripple fight.
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    Needs to get out more
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    Posted: 5/19/2005 4:47:51 PM     Post subject:  

    We're supposed to report the news, not make it!

    All though the troll haiku was amusing.
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