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A Little Something From Jerry
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Michael Hirtes
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Posted: 11/12/2003 6:22:31 PM     Post subject: A Little Something From Jerry  

What with all the talk about his recent artwork on the net (everyone's a critic, huh? ), Jerry felt "the Muse" again and recited this little filk for everyone to enjoy. Jerry sez this piece is wholeheartedly dedicated to his #1 Fan, Postvixen. :mrgreen:

(Sung to the tune of Spike Jones' "In Der Fuhrer's Face")

When Merlino squeaks "Why Why Why Why Why??!"
We laugh (HA!) Laugh (HA!)
We laugh until we cry.

Und when O'Connell bellows "I want my piece of pie!"
We barf (URLLP!) barf (URLLP!)
Right on that schtoopid guy.

Are we not der furry fen
Yiffy, sexy furry fen
Ya! Ve ist der furry fen!
(Fuzzy Wuzzy furry fen!)

Ist dis fandom very good? Would you leave it if you could?
Ya! This fandom ist very good.
(We would leave it if we could)

We bring der world fans new order
Heil Furdom's Yiffy New Order
Everyone must sit on our face
and take it up their poopy-place
As on Furbid our plushies we order.

When they CYDers say "You're a sodding sad discrace!"
We whine (EEEGH!) Whine (EEEGH!)
Till we're red in the face.
And when SF fandom say "You're fouling up my space!"
We whine (EEEGH!) Whine (EEEGH!)
Till they spray us all with Mace.
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