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Ole Sparky
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Posted: 1/18/2004 10:55:30 PM     Post subject: Ole Sparky Unbounded.  

This is Netscape 4.79, Beloved of Ole Sparky.
This is how to do a post, on a dialup, with images turned off.
I know I am harsh towards Furry. But I have said it before, Furry does not know the difference between friend and enemy. A friend is not necessarily some one who gets you out of poop. An enemy is not necessarily someone who poops on you.
I will say this, the core of Furry is it's own worst enemy. I finally gave up totally on A.F.F.
Side note to Wayd. Hey, guy, sorry to hear about your knee. Yeh, but I ain't married, don't want to be, don't want kids. Complicated and scars, but I am really quite happy being an uncle and a grand uncle and spoiling those kids silly!
Anyway, I really get intense about some things.
I read Furry, and watch as I have over decades, literally. Furry grabs on to anthropomorphics like a drowning man to a life raft and tries to use even the smallest link to generate numbers to legitimize itself.
I know my comparision of Furry to a Cult may seem harsh, but think about it. Compare a Cult, to the public statements and actions of "Furry"
And there are those who will proclaim me a "Furry" hater, but ask yourself truly, is someone who points out the hazards and risk a hater? Who is the enemy of Furry, someone who gives scritches and cuddles and encouragement to a drunk, or a drug user, or someone who says, "Whoa! Guy(Gal) ya' need to get help. And takes the car keys away, or tries to.
Who is Furry's enemy here?
"Furry" has forgotten that it does not exist alone. Furry's exist on the same planet with the rest of the human race, are subject to the same laws, codes, ethics, moralities, and values.
Although Furyr might, in it's paranoia and delusion, wish to pretend I am its enemy, I am not. If it wishes to find its own worst enemy then it only needs to look in a mirror.
As to Howard, well Lage experienced an enlightenment, perhaps one day he shall too.
Ole Sparky.
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