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Ole Sparky
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Posted: 3/7/2004 12:48:36 AM     Post subject: A CYD APA  

Oh, so that is how you post a new topic.
Okay, yeh, a CYD APA. As a writer, I am up for it. I got a series of stories, some I have posted to AFF, that could, with the slightest glissando be turned into a "Rage Against the Furry Machine" and all its fantasies.
The latest pedo thread, and listening to the "Heros of the Furry Fandom" come defending their sickness went over the top.
AFF, and I remember Sammy going off and attacking, accusing someone of equating homosexuality and pedophilia. Only in her febrile imagination.
Reminds me, I got to do a web search, see if I can't find a picture of Florida's old electric chair to use an an avatar.
No, seriously, I think Burned Fur crashed and burned there. They howled, but provided nothing better.
But, after too much, and business jerk offs, I am inclined to go after Furry. Make those egos and fantasies the laughing stock they deserve to be.
Ole Sparky
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Posted: 3/8/2004 1:09:34 AM     Post subject:

(Various electric chairs)

I am not going to push my personal thoughts and beliefs onto you, but I suggest you turn your anti-furryism down a few notches. I think furries can do whatever they want, as far as I am aware of they are not representing a danger to anyone..
Ill ask you two simple questions I would not mind answering on my own,
are you a furry? (Do you have any interest at all in furry?
If yes, have you ever experienced anything you consider negative because of this? (Like, being laughed at or labeled as a zoophile)
If yes, maybe this is what fuels youre fire of hatred against furries?
Ill answer them as well, I consider myself a furry, I like furry, and I do quite regularly get labeled by people thinking furry is bad. It happends all the time on forums, and once in a while in RL.
I used to blame hardcore-furries for this, now I blame people thinking in stereotypes, though, I dont feel the urge to do much about this as I dont care that much if someone labels me. If someone thinks I am zoophile, they may be crazy :P
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Posted: 3/8/2004 1:55:29 AM     Post subject:  

This thread is heading nowhere fast. Consider it a pre-emptive strike.
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