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Posted: 4/27/2004 5:49:50 PM     Post subject: The Things People Say  

Okay, I was bored, so I decided to put some of the comments people have posted elsewhere about CYD together on a page here. Further additions will be welcomed.
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Posted: 4/27/2004 6:26:40 PM     Post subject:  

C is for our condescending manner,
R is for the regret of which we feel.
U is for our ubiquitous nature,
S is for the shame we know.
H is for our hours upon hours wasted.

Y we ask your soiled bedsheets,
I is to our interesting conversations,
F is for fear of the yifftastic future,
F is for the feelings we repress.

D is for our dubious mottos,
E is that we've had enough.
S, well, shucks, guy, we didn't mean to imply that you can't be a hermaphroditic skunk-taur-vixen-fox-wolf... it just seems improbable.
T goes out to our twisted brethren,
R because we're regal, and dapper - all the time.
O, you seriously didn't think we were talking about you personally, did you?
Y, because it's all true.

click here for the lyrical breakdown that I kind of used in the beginning. Gotta love that black on red motif, huh?>

this one, which is red on black. Guess they'll cancel eachother out, hopefully taking this worthless post with it. ;) >
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