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Kitsune, or Asian-wannabe Fox?
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Posted: 6/2/2003 1:32:00 PM     Post subject: Kitsune, or Asian-wannabe Fox?  

An interesting phenomenon among the Foxxxy population is that quite a few Furries label themselves 'Kitsune', the 'magical spooky ghost Fox of ancient Japan.'
While the I-wanna-be-I-love-everything-Asian trend (whether you agree it exists or not) is probably the biggest peeve of mine, balancing well with the bad parts of Furry Fandom - and the combination of the two creates something that defies any possible form of redemption.
Anyway, this is a pointless ChitChat but I need to get this out of my system on a place that won't yap at me to death for trying to get an idea out <.<
Kitsune is literally supposed to just the Japanese word for 'Fox'. Which means that in ancient Jappy lands, Foxes existed, and people said dear god, furry animals existing on our lands, let's name it! Eventually the animal also became mythical, or rather, the Fox Ghosts did - it seems to be like the Loki, somewhat friendly and mischeivous, mostly not sincerely malicious, and a mysterious trickster.
However, people smitten with TEH EVERYTING JAPANEEZ do not realize that there is also the 'Kitsune' in Korea, called the 'Gumiho'. This one is a vile, violent maneater that seduces humans on a regular basis with magical pearls, and they are more often female. Like the Japanese counterpart they must go through etc to get their full Ninetales appearance, except the Koreans must devour 1000 human and horse livers, or something like that. A popular story is a young woman who was about to marry her way into a village, but at night someone discovered her Fox-shape as she oiled up her arms, slipped it up a horse-butt, pulled out it's liver (which instantly killed said horsie) and ate it raw! Mmm. o.o
But have you noticed that quite a few Furry Kitsune are magically equipped with more than one tail? Or that they're nothing near what a Kitsune is? Oh, and let's not forget those people who like to make 134067182 morphs and go through every one of them in a room to show off their magical Kitsune powers. Or maybe they're just using the Japanese word Kitsune, in which case, what are they trying to prove?
You can all shoot me now, there is no purpose to this Rant, but Rant it is u.u
On another note, did you know Betta changed color? I keep a male pair in a duo-tank so they can see (and thusly flare and be beautiful) each other but not kill. Eventually I noticed that if one male feels overpowered or something, he starts turning pale, then when he gets confident/angry again, he flushes a much more vibrant color, particularly in the head. O.O

dj babyjesus

Posted: 6/17/2003 5:37:35 PM     Post subject:  

I always figured that was just a symptom of people who love Japanese culture without knowing enough about it to realize how fucked up it is. Maybe they're name-dropping because OMG KITSUNE is COOL.

My bettas die a lot. Maybe I shouldn't name them after deceased Communist dictators.