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"In dreams"
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Jerry Collins
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Posted: 5/12/2004 5:05:13 PM     Post subject: "In dreams"  

Greetings to all,MY APPOLOGIES FOR MY...ooops, sorry,let me just adjust the appologies for my absence(real life stuff)so while I have the time,I'd like to share this with you guys,Metaphysics and philosophies not withstanding.....some years ago,when I was at the hight of frustration with my career as an artist,stoopid fan boys,and the stuggles of parenting,I had been having serious spiritual doubts and on top of everthing else Kevin Duane was browbeating me into comming to a westcoast con( an unfortunate friend of both mine and kevin's had ponied up the air,sorry you had to eat it dude)on the eve of my leaving my wife woke up weeping and clutching me desperately..a few days earlier my mother in law had a heart condition that led to a brief but hairy here's where it gets a bit the day of my leaving,2 years earlier I had a very vivid dream:In the dream,I was wandering around this beautiful art deco the city there were these animal people,lovely classic 'toons,story book critters,etc....I went to talk with these critters,but to my surprise,they acted like I was the Frankenstein monster and I had just peed on their flag...hate,rage ,loathing..this is what I felt from these beings,and like the said Frankenstein creature I was chased through the city by the wrathful mob!I was cornered in an alleyway near a flood gate or sewage treatment plant..and the animal person that cornered me was a beautiful little Deer lady..wearing a Gestapo uniform,not the cutesy Ben Dunn bad girl stuff.I mean a REAL GESTAPO uniform,(Jodphurs,Jack boots,tunic,tie,Sam Brown belt Nazi party regalia,cut to a woman,s form)She had levle at my head a REALLY nasty looking chaingun/machine pistol thing,and as beautiful as her eyes where..they were filled with a hatred that chilled my soul..Just as this "anti-Bambioid"/"fake Haku-Hasin"was about to turn me into dancing hamburger,I felt a pair of hands grab me from behind,darkness,then the low,warm,glow of a tunnel lit by torches and oil lamps,there,before me, a tall handsome rat fellow in an Fedora and trench coat,a tiny gold star of david on his lapel,and a kindly bespecticled cat man in old fatigues and a Tezukaesque Beret.."Welcome brother "they said,and then I woke up..I guess even Jah was warning about the PHURRIES,or my wife neede me more than ever,Needless to say I didn't got to the con...well for what it's worth,I hope the story I shared gives you guys something to ponder and enjoy.This is Jerry Collins,"The wizard of Wellfare"bidding all blessed dreams to all.
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Posted: 5/12/2004 6:08:07 PM     Post subject:  

I know this is armchair psychology, but it sounds like some of it may have been spawned by inner turmoil from conflicting senses of obligation to your wife and the con. (I'm interpreting from your message that there was some conflict there.) The part of you that knew what you really wanted all along was maybe trying to assert that Real Life >>> Furry Fantasy.

I didn't have quite such an earth-shattering message sent to me.. but, slowly, subtly, the real world revealed itself to me and assured me it was far better than the world these collections of ink and computer code were providing for me.
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Posted: 5/12/2004 11:18:11 PM     Post subject:  

Sounds like the SomethingAwful forums, about this time, last year.
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Posted: 5/13/2004 12:13:59 AM     Post subject:  

Wow... Your dreams make sense. You're really lucky, you know that?
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