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Things I learned from FurryMuck...
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Posted: 6/26/2004 7:07:13 PM     Post subject: Things I learned from FurryMuck...  

It's that time again, kiddies - let's encircle the fire. Toss another lifestyler upon the barbie, because after all, we do know the pecking order, don't we? Let's have a little chit-chat regarding all of the things we've learned since joying this rather odd fetish known as "Furry". I'll go first. Here's a partial list of what I've learned.

  • Sexual preference is just that. A preference. Given a few minutes, or perhaps a few days, one can change. Isn't it great to have sex with someone, just because they're willing? The equipment type, however, is quite optional.
  • There is an amazing abundance of folks who are born with both genitalia.
  • It is not uncommon for this extra equipment to grow on various parts of the body, such as the breasts, fingers, toes, and anything else which protrudes.
  • Any species sexual organ is guaranteed to be compatible with another; so go ahead, Mister Horse, have sex with that 2" mouse. (S)he'll love every minute.
  • Friends are always good to have. Befriend someone, and within a week, at least one party will be trying to screw the other.
  • Life, and indeed, time are quite fickle. That lovely vixen you fell in love with yesterday, and fell asleep in your arms... is now a rampant, gay male otter. Hope you brushed your teeth.
  • No matter how disturbing it is, someone's tried it - and someone else is willing to do it.

    Sure, these are generalities, but I figured I'd open up the floodgates. What have you folks discovered since venturing into this crazy land?
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Posted: 6/26/2004 7:31:28 PM     Post subject: Re: Things I learned from FurryMuck...  

Sure, these are generalities, but I figured I'd open up the floodgates. What have you folks discovered since venturing into this crazy land?

I haven't been around furry fandom all that long, but I ended up learning a lot of 'facts and figures' and 'historical' type of information in a very short timespan. I've found that I enjoy arguing trivial, meaningless, internal fandom politics on message boards. Hey, everyone's gotta have a hobby.

I didn't even get into furry fandom for friendship or any other reason than cartoon comics and art, so ..I just basically ignored everything else. I thought it would be cool to talk to people with similiar interest in cartoons once in a while and I do that sometimes. I think 9 out of 10 times I've gone into furry IRC channels I end up just talking to someone about cars or something totally non-furry related anyway. Cybersex/phone sex, Ive always thought was more stupid than anything else, so people roleplaying as cartoon animals really doesnt change anything there for me. In general, Roleplaying in any way, shape or form tends to bore me , so I never did the MUCKs and thus had really no bad experiences with anything furry related (other than frequently being mindfucked by people's stupidity and/or bizarre behaviour)

Conventions I have never attended, and I really have no reason to go to one , ever. It has more to do with that would most likely be the most boring weekend of my life, than me worrying about anything I might see or run into there. (on the other hand I'm going to a 4-day International Edsel Convention in Dunkirk, NY in late july :D )
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