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Greetings. I introduce myself
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Posted: 7/3/2004 6:49:30 AM     Post subject: Greetings. I introduce myself  

I've spent a number of hours reading over this site. Read all the articles and a lot of the topics. Had a lot of good laughs in the meantime, and learned some interesting (but dreadfully useless :shock: ) things. My fault, but read on!

I'm not a furry by any means but certainly am intrigued by it. Came upon it the avant garde way of searching for p2p porn *gasp!*. Though this I've grown out of (temporarily I bet). Seems like the information age was giving civilization an ulcer so it threw up up the furry fandom, along with a lot of other refuse not worth mentioning. Fascinating thing, this fandom. It ought to not be a fandom, and yet it is!. I know more about it now than I ever should have. Been around since before I was born, apparently. Would have been time much better spent reading a history book or something. Don't know what the War of Jenkin's Ear was, but I do know that some guy named Quozl stalked the voice actor from Tiny Toons. Live and learn.

Prepare for a bombshell. I'm an aspiring cartoonist! Hurrah. In furry and anti-furry and neutral-furry circles alike that statement is a dime a dozen. So I don't draw animals. Actually, I dont really draw anything. It's highly suspect I want to be a cartoonist in the first place. Thank you, Sabrina Online! I'm so impressionable.

And that brings me to the Main Idea of this post. I never talked to any furries, except one, and I didnt know what furry was at the time, nor for some time after. Someone messaged me on Kazza and said 'hey, join my Rescue Rangers' group'. So I did. It was pretty innocent, except for a few weird images that I was suprised to see but quickly forgot. So I'm thinking 'whus furry?' and I type in in Yahoo and it took like a week for it to sink in that this was some kind of absurdly popular movement that somehow I missed out on. Blah blah, I discover the good parts of the fandom, the bad parts, we laugh, we cry, etc. I never really get into it. I read Eric Schwartz' Sabrina Online and I really -really- like it (not at all sexually) . Here's what I'm talking about. In retrospect, It wasn't so great of a comic, but at the time I thought it was the best thing I'd ever seen. Beeecause, I read the whole thing in like a five hour straight marathon, so the premise was burned into my mind for at least a couple of days. Same thing goes with anything. My video card broke last summer so instead of playing Half Life or RtCW, I watched Family Guy episodes over and over and over again. Now I know better. Now I see that I could have picked up a book or my guitar instead but that was then. And of course, for the next few weeks, all I could think of was the characters from Family Guy (not Meg, she's lame, but you know). Same thing happens if you watch the Simpsons every day, or if you play GTA3 too much, you start thinking wrecklessly when you get behind the wheel in real life. Same thing with Lion King, get it?

If you expose yourself to something mild, for a long time (Too much computer games) or if you expose yourself to something intense for a short time (Read SO all day, read anything all day, for that matter) then your mind's temporarily skewed and you just have to wait it out like you'd wait out a hangover. Then, traditionally, you go have fun outside. However, if you expose yourself to something intense for a long time, (cybersex on MUDs or harvesting praise off DeviantArt or VCL with the same garbage over and over again), you will be PERMANENTLY hooked on the same crap, day in, and day out, because it consistently gets you off, in a lot of ways. Drug addicts show strikingly similar behavior. May God forgive Man for the Internet.

Also, not to mention, I used to be an FPS junkie. It wasn't socially debilitating or anything, but it was all that I did at home, you know, Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, the works. Was really good too. Now this freaks the hell out of me when I look back. For some inexplicable reason, after I read Sabrina Online, I stopped playing video games completely. I seriously haven't touched one since last November. Don't know if I grew out of em, or if that beautiful skunkette just shorted out a circuit in my brain (mild sarcasm), but my grades went up, and life is just better than it used to be. Not that I was ever depressed, but that 'what the hell does it all mean' angsty (apprehension, dread, anguish-- I don't like that word) period had just hung me out to dry the previous year. I'm 16, by the way.

Also, m_estrugo, I recognize you from dignified_furs Yahoo Group - thought that was pretty cool. Like me, you posted one message there and checked out. Though you wrote you were gonna leave the fandom behind (Good move, I would, were I ever a part of it), I figure on the off chance you read this, I'd say I read your comic Alice Otter and I like it. Be persistent with it - passion and creativity can outshine the furry stigma anyday. And you've got both, it seems.

Damn this is a long post. Sorry about that. Posts tend to get real long when you're only writing em cause you can't sleep. But dont confuse that with insincerity, nice site, honestly.

If any of my friends happen to google my name and find this post well screw ya, you snoopy bastards.
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Posted: 7/3/2004 7:17:03 AM     Post subject:  

...and what did I say about "HI I'M NEW HERE" threads?
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