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Ecchi Attack Returns
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Posted: 9/4/2003 6:49:07 PM     Post subject: Ecchi Attack Returns  

The site's been down for a long while, but now it's back. I've always thought that Ecchi-Attack was the absolute best at making fun of cartoon porn; the staff always strives to improve their mad skillz and are always one step funnier than anyone else who tries to poke fun at hentai. It's required reading for everyone here; if it wasn't for E-A's inspiration, Crush Yiff Destroy wouldn't even exist. Here's a quote from the "comeback" article:

...Fandoms are humanity's greatest folly, the catalyst for every atrocity in history, and our eventual decline. After all, we're still reeling over the fallout from a certain two Torah self-insertion fanfictions, the Spanish Inquisition was nothing but the overzealous persecution of sassy and candid wiccan yaoi girls, and even World War 2 can be boiled down to Adolf Hitler's adulation for Norse and Vedic mythology, making Mein Kampf not the world's first crossover fanfiction, but certainly inflicting the most pain. However, astrologers and other prophets have predicted that the eventual completion of Goku323's EVANGELION VS. SILVER SPOONS: THE FINAL CONFLICT will ultimately cause a great deal more death, pain, and strife than the best efforts of Der Fuhrer, instigating an unprecedented reign of terror by a group known only to history as the dreaded "Fanfic Yakuza".

Is there any way to end this cycle of death, destruction, and cutesy anime smileys? Well, no. We're all right fucked and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. So, the next best thing: Is there anyone we can lay the blame on? Unfortunately, strictly speaking, we would have to go all the way back to the pissy figurative-messageboard squabble Cain and Abel had over their Yahweh fandom that got Abel /banned from #continued-existance. So, unless your rock and roll can save the future and you find yourself in possession of a time-travelling phone booth, I'm afraid you're not going to have the opportunity to travel back and tell our earliest ancestors "lol stupid fanboys, get a life loozerz". And if your rock and roll can save the future, what the hell are you doing bemoaning the disastrous effects of fandom? Get to the poor lip-synching of KISS songs already, dammit, and save us from the yiffy armageddon.

So, yeah. Go now.
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