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Nice Kitty! Good Kitty!
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Posted: 9/20/2004 1:52:13 AM     Post subject: Nice Kitty! Good Kitty!  


Good night CYD.
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Michael Hirtes
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Posted: 9/20/2004 2:26:42 AM     Post subject: Re: Nice Kitty! Good Kitty!  

At least it wasn't the president (for now) doing it.

(anyone remenber that episode of "That's My Bush"?)
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Skunkfuckers Inc.
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Posted: 9/20/2004 9:58:41 AM     Post subject:  

Whatever possible funny there might have been there was obliterated by the story of the poor little baby bunny. All I could think of was this furry little dumpling of cuteness being savagely mauled half to death:

I think I'm going to be mean to a cat today.
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Quantum Coyote
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Posted: 9/20/2004 3:12:23 PM     Post subject:  

My own (16 yr old) kitty was taken by a coyote out front my folk's house not very long ago. I felt like grabbing my dads .22 rifle or the 10 guage and camping out on the front lawn. The feeling passed after a couple days, we've lost cats before, and after all we are the ones building houses on their turf. It not like it was being mean.

I had an ecology instructor once who was raving mad angry at cats (and there owners, he insisted that all cats be kept indoors) for the damage they cause destroying local wildlife ('specially birds). Housecats are already fed, they just do it for fun, it fulfills an instinct. And since it is REAL hunger that trips the kill instinct to break the prey's neck right away, well, you know what happens.
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Posted: 9/20/2004 3:32:01 PM     Post subject:  

Following that Catenema link... and reading the "My neighbour is insane" text within made me wonder...

"A very nice police officer came over and talked to us about our neighbor. The officer suggested that we take advantage of
Florida's so-called "Baker Act" which allows 3 witnesses to sign papers for the state to involuntarily commit suspected nutcases for a
72 hour observation period."

Does this also work over teh internet? -Let's turn in some of the florida's worst unbathing furry cases! =)
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