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I am a loungechair, trapped in a woman's body...
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Posted: 10/1/2004 3:01:13 AM     Post subject: I am a loungechair, trapped in a woman's body...  

See? Monty Python wasn't the only one to predict it. This, from 1986, is a skit from the then-new D Generation. If I can figure out how (with one system), I'll attempt to capture it. Alternatively, it's on The Best & The Second Best of the D Generation, ABC (Australia Broadcasting).

Keep in mind, this was 1986.

Some sound bites:

"It felt right somehow, and I have been dressing up as lounge furniture ever since."
"It's not an easy thing to face... about yourself - but, you are, you are an armchair trapped inside a woman's body."
(Announcer): "Do you think it's hereditary? Do you think, perhaps... there's someone, anyone else who liked to dress up - as furniture?"

"I had well... an, an uncle... and we always suspected he was a closet..."
(Announcer): "And your friends? How did they react to this?"

"Well, a few... a few reacted rather... rather violently... putting drinks on my arms without coasters, things like that. I... I don't see them anymore, because... Because I may be an armchair, but I, I am not prepared (sob) to be a doormat!"
"I, I'd like to settle down and have... have a full lounge suite... but I fear that may not be possible... I've just discovered that my husband is a poof."

(For those less inclined, a poof is not only a homosexual, but a rather ugly ottoman.)

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