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3D Animation Degree - Is it worth it?
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Posted: 1/11/2006 7:09:59 AM     Post subject: 3D Animation Degree - Is it worth it?  

I know these college programs are popular among furries, and being the stereotype I am, I'm working on a transfer to obtain a degree in digital animation and game design.

I'm not a gamer and don't have my expectations set to work in that specific field. I shudder to think of putting "Game design" down on my resume, but this program has the right blend of technological and artistic skills and is the only option for me other than a private art school that I can't afford.

Before I blow the last two years of my college education, I wonder if anyone has found these programs to be worthwhile? How does the job market treat such a degree?
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Posted: 1/11/2006 8:38:47 AM     Post subject:  

Not speaking from experience as a CGI animator, but I am studying 2D animation for my degree. From what my tutors told me on the course it doesn't really matter what CGI software you learn on. The basics of 3Dmax or Maya or whatever you learn to use at college are very useful of course, but most companies can teach you to adapt to their chosen software

But the most important factor is that you can draw. Check if the course has good classes for life drawing, as once you get the basics of anatomy your work in whatever CGI program will look more real than someone who's never bothtred to look at a human being in detail.

On top of that if you can draw then even if you don't get the job of animating, you can still get a job at a CGI studio by being a concept artist or storyboarder. CGI studios lust after people who can draw really damn well

Then, I feel, you'd get your money's worth :) And good luck!
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