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CaliFur brings back another degenerate furry con tradition.
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Posted: 5/5/2005 2:13:39 PM     Post subject: CaliFur brings back another degenerate furry con tradition.  

From the SouthCalfurs list.

It's time once again for the new Southern California furry fandom
convention, CaliFur. And that means it's also time to carry on with a
Southern California furry fandom tradition, the Cabaret Fur le Dance.
Started by Debbie "Omaha Sternberg" as a fund-raiser for comic book
artist Reed Waller, the Cabaret has become an institution for nighttime
entertainment and charity fund raising.

Now we're going to continue that tradition at CaliFur One. In case
you've not heard, CaliFur will be held at the Costa Mesa Holiday Inn
(across the 405 freeway from South Coast Plaza) on Friday through
Sunday, May 20 through 22. The Cabaret Fur le Dance will be held at 9:00
pm on Saturday of the convention, and run for two hours.

Simply put: We're looking for talent! Dancers and singers are especially
welcome. Acts of an ˜adult nature™ are welcome too, but NOT required by
any means. If you'd like to be
a part of the show and help to make it memorable, please let us know.
And if you have talented friends, please ask them if they'd like to
participate too! Our charities this year include the Moonridge Animal
Park up in Big Bear (who we helped out last year), and the Friends of
Fred Patten Fund (helping out Fred's estate after he had a stroke last

This Saturday (May 7) there will be a Cabaret planning session held at
the Costa Mesa Holiday Inn, during the afternoon. While it's not
required that you be there to take part in the show, it'd be very
helpful for the planning if you could. Help us spread the word about
that also.

As a special bonus, if we accept your act for the Cabaret Fur le Dance,
you'll be able to purchase a membership to CaliFur One at the ˜staff
discount™ price of $35.00 for the whole convention. (That's $10.00 off
the current at-the-door price. And yes, staffers pay for their
memberships – we're a small con still!)

So, we hope to see you this Saturday, and we hope to see you at CaliFur,
and we hope to see you up on stage at the Cabaret Fur le Dance!

Rod O Riley
CaliFur Programming Lead

Robert K. Johnson Jr.
Chairman Califur.1

Let's see that's two so far, they had to bring back the "pet auction" and every one here knows where that led too, now we get this one as well.

Oh well it's anonther nail in the coffin, they just as might as well call the con "CaliSpooge" and get it over with.


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Posted: 5/5/2005 5:35:38 PM     Post subject:  

Naaa. The pet auction is now big at anime cons. It's rather sad.
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