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Posted: 1/8/2006 9:18:18 PM     Post subject: FanFic Spoof  

Could be fun... Or maybe not?

A Furry-In-Space spoof. Told from the memoirs of a very politically incorrect space hermit, who gets stuck on a furry-operated space station.

Although he smokes weed in their clean rooms, drink vodka, swears and is a serious racist and homophobe, he turns out to be the most rational, normal person in the fic.

Here are some snippets. Hey, who knows?

Maybe someone wants to do something like this?


"Greetings Stranger, I am Chakat Nippledick. What's your name?"

"Rotinhell," I said.

Slightly stirred, the creature didn't seem to understand.

"Rot-In-Hell I said, and it's good meeting you too."

"Ah," the creature said, suddenly blessed with second sight, "Rottinhell."


"Where are you from?"

"I don't know," the creature said, "I was abducted from my home whilst I was still very small. My parents found me and took me for their own and..."

"Ok, so you don't know."


"Excuse me sir, but this space station is a no-smoking zone."

"What do you mean it's a no-smoking zone? I mean, with all this fur around, it's hardly a clean room."

"Smoking has been illegal on all the planets in our system for over five decades now. Hand over the narcotics!"


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Posted: 1/8/2006 9:56:40 PM     Post subject:  

Wasn't the basic idea to document the furry insanity instead of replicating it ?
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