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Posted: 7/25/2003 6:35:42 PM     Post subject: sociology  

here check this out if you havent seen it already ...its a few years old

The Sociology of Furry Fandom
David J. Rust

basically this guy went around doing a survey of people got some interesting results

i actually wished he was going to continue this
he only did a total of maybe 350 interviews

the only thing with this that i think he didnt account for is that people tend to skew their answers on these things

i remember reading one time that for ex. - a safe sex survey if they go around asking people if they practice it, most people will answer yes, just because thats the "right" answer, so the results of the survey will show that 90% of people practice it when in reality thats not the case at all....what im getting at is the 51% or something that identified themselves as bisexual

i really dont think this is the case at all , i think this is one of those things that as far as furry is concerned is the "right" answer. or that a lot of these people want to be viewed a certain way

also remember what ostrich said in that article, loaded (?), that alot of furries thought they were gay until they got a girlfriend

he should have also looked into how the looking glass self applies to all of this. which if i remember correctly the looking glass self is
the you that you think the world views you as, but really only exists in your mind
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