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The Atrocity Archive - new forum suggestion
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Posted: 9/1/2003 4:58:16 AM     Post subject: The Atrocity Archive - new forum suggestion  

The Atrocity Archive

First, it was at Fur Central. Then it was at Conhugeco. Then it was gone. But wherever it went it took threats of LAWSUITS and accusations of SOUL RAPE with it. Yes, it's the ever nomadic "Worst of the VCL," and it's home at last, bringing you your weekly dose of baggy pants, angsty self-mutilation, and giant throbbing dick nipples.

While no "threats of LAWSUITS and accusations of SOUL RAPE" have happened yet (probably just because a lot of VCL artists, and furries in general, don't know that its back). i would suggest starting a new discussion forum specifically pertaining to the The Atrocity Archive

especially if this is seriously going to be a permanent, weekly feature
that way - anyone coming here (or from here) talking about it has a place to do so and you dont wind up with TAA threads scattered all throughout "chit chat" and other forums and instead have 1 place where they are all grouped together.

just a thought
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